Reel Shade (Kayak/Canoe Fishing Sun Shade)


Available Colors

  • Marine Blue
  • Wicked Black
  • Yellow Blast
  • Awesome Orange

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The Reel Shade is our patented (US 10,407,133) frame which has a one of kind cantilever design for paddle-craft. This proven design fulfills requests from avid fishermen and paddlers who desire a stable frame to provide them duly needed shade on the water while providing unrestricted forward space.

  • Cantilever design allows for standing forward of the shade with no obstructions
  • Installs in minutes and will adapt to track systems
  • Conveniently folds when not in use
  • Unique design is proven for stability in any conditions on the water
  • Adapts to any size Kayak or canoe that meets the min. requirements detailed in the image
  • Max width from left to right is 36 inches for both front and rear hubs.
  • Keep COOL and PADDLE on


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